Top 5 Brands For Your Inner French Girl


Paris has always been the center of fashion for as long as there was a concept of fashion. But lately there seem to be amazing French brands popping out everywhere. To be as effortless as a French girl is a goal for many of us ladies. And now there are countless brands that allow us to channel our inner French girl.

Here are some of my favorites:


Simon Porte Jacquemus, started his brand “Jacquemus” at only nineteen back in 2009. Now it’s a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. From it’s incredible straw hats and geometric, almost architectural shoes, Jacquemus takes the French girl effortless and adds a little bit of couture. Jacquemus pieces are undeniably breathtaking but also wearable. His girl is the South of France girl that has no fear of standing out and beating at the sound of her own drum.

Items from top: Le Grand Chapeau Bomba, Les sandales Bahia, Le sac Chiquito, La maille Sperone


Founded by the French it girl and model, Jeanne Damas, her brand Rouje truly embodies the definition of effortless chic. It is very much a representation of her own style, which is truly feminine, effortless and timeless, yet comfortable. Rouje is what you would imagine a Parisian girl wearing as she’s walking down the streets of Paris and meeting her girlfriends for a coffee date. Wearing Rouje, you can’t help but feel connected to the French culture in some way.

Items from left: LOLO Jumpsuit, LENA dress, GLORIA skirt and LINO cardigan


A brand, started by a blogger and fashion editor, Anne-Laure (Adenorah), Musier is also a great representation of French girl effortless chic.  It features much of Adenorah’s personal style which is cool, effortless and bad-ass, while also feminine. Musier represents a brand which finds a Muse in their customer and focuses on craftsmanship, using only natural materials like leather, silk, cotton and viscose.


PicMonkey Collage.jpg


4. The Kooples

Although not your typical Parisian brand, The Kooples combines the French girl chic with a rocker, grunge aesthetic. Although it only recently started having a presence in the U.S market, The Kooples already became a big brand name in the fashion scene. It is known for its clever ad campaign which featured real life couples and their stories.

The Kooples.jpg
From left: Green Silk Dress With Floral Print, Pink Silk Long Dress, Black Denim Jacket With Pearl Fringing andBlack Denim Skirt With Pearl Fringing

5.Admise Paris

If you thought that only men could have tailored suits made right, you have another thing coming. Admise caters to the badass business woman and an overall suit lover, creating impeccably tailored suits. Their suits are definitely appropriate for work, but also chic enough to wear at a night out. Admise perfectly combines the Parisian effortless chic with business smart.

From Left: Veste Frida and Pantalon Colette, Veste Fida and Jupe Elle




Disclaimer: All of the collage images belong to their owner, for educational purposes only

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