My Heart is in Havana


It’s no secret that Cuba is a beautiful and colorful country. The amazing architecture, retro cars and breathtaking beaches are just some of the things that make Cuba so incredible. But what Cuba doesn’t get enough credit for is its fashion. Just like Cuba itself, the fashion is colorful, chic and loud as well as incredibly alluring. Since I couldn’t just fly off to Cuba, I decided to visit a place that is basically a mini Cuba.



I was inspired by the vibrant colors of Cuba and decide to go wit a blue and pink combination. I pulled out this amazing corduroy Zara dress that gives a nod to the 70’s and I paired it with these electric fuchsia, dolce vita mules. I have to say these mules are my current favorites as they remind me of the 90’s Naomi Campbell wearing them with her little slip dresses.


As for my accessories, I decided to go with a silk scarf from H&M X Erdem. I’ve noticed that Cuban women rely heavily on accessories, especially colorful hair accessories. Also, I’ve noticed that silk scarfs are everywhere nowadays. From the runways of  Versace to that of Gucci. And honestly I’m a big fan. I also wanted to continue with the 70’s retro theme as I added these amazing square sunglasses from Free People. They remind me very much of the whole Gucci square sunglass theme.


PicMonkey Collage


Lastly to tie in the whole vintage theme, I added this geometrical bag from Musier, Paris. Which you can read more about in my latest post: Top 5 Brands For Your Inner French Girl.



I really wish I could be in Cuba right now. But hey at least I can feel like I am through my outfit.


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