Silk Blouse


Silk blouses have been an iconic fashion statement for years, brought to the mainstream by none other than Versace. This trend really rose during Gianni Versace’s era in the 90s, featuring baroque and chain printed pieces, completely transforming what’s synonymous with Italian fashion. Although, initially a man’s fashion piece, the silk top has eventually found its way into women’s fashion. Especially noticeable in Versace’s latest collections that seem to be an ode to Gianni’s 90s Versace.

Well today’s outfit revolves around that trend, expect I actually thrifted my Versace inspired top from one of my favorite NYC thrift shops, Crossroads Trading.


I paired my top with some simple black cycling shorts from Ivy Park. These are a must have nowadays.


As for the shoes, I went with some white dad sneakers and ankle socks.

And went it comes to accessories, I decided to go with my favorite 90s bag from Urban Outfitters, some vintage pearl earrings and oval sunglasses that were my mom’s from the 80s.


I’m definitely loving this trend and it’s super easy to incorporate into any look. Wear it with some simple mom jeans, shorts or tennis skirts and you have a super put together outfit.

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