The Headband Trend

Honestly, I probably based my whole outfit around this headband. From the runways of Prada(which popularized this trend), Miu Miu and Fendi, headbands are practically everywhere. There so many options of headbands out there from padded(the one I’m wearing), embellished, velvet to crystal and pearl options. Definitely one of my favorite versions of the headband has to be by a new independent designer, Lele Sadoughi. She popularized the whole knotted headband and chunky earring trend, which I’m all for. Surprisingly enough,  headbands have been around for quite some time, as seen on Hillary Clinton in the 90s and to Blair Waldorf in the early 2000s. Honestly I was patiently awaiting this trend to come back since the last season of Gossip Girl. You can definitely see my excitement in the photos above. Or is that just a face of fear after almost getting run over by a taxi?

But enough rambling, shall we get into the look…


So for my outfit, I went with this white dress that I actually thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. These 90s inspired sandals I recently purchased from Urban Outfitters-so you can definitely still snatch them!


As for the accessories, I went with the padded headband (Amazon), vintage pearl earrings and a vintage Fendi bag, that you could most likely find on Vestiarie Collective.

I have to say that I’m definitely a  fan of the whole headband trend. It adds a bit of pop to every outfit and a more of a high-fashion touch. Only downfall I would say is that my head was definitely hurting from the headband towards the end of the day. I wonder if the Fendi headband has the same effect?


Here’s a bonus photo of my best friend Cassy taking care that I don’t get run over trying to take a pic AGAIN. Everyone need a Cassy in their life tbh.

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